Monthly  Bonus Calculator

Estimate your monthly wager bonus for the Stake Crypto Casino in seconds! Select your rank, and enter your wager for the past 31 days.

Estimated Bonus:  $10.08

Understanding the Stake Monthly Bonus

The Stake Casino Monthly Bonus is a reward that’s available every month, granted players use the site’s betting sections. What differentiates these perks from things, such as the weekly bonus, is that you will get it randomly. Usually, players will receive it via email, meaning they need to check it regularly.

An interesting thing about this offer is that it’s associated with the Stake VIP program. That’s because only clients who are VIPs are eligible to receive such a perk. Of course, customers also need to register and verify their accounts. The latter also must be in good standing, which means users should not violate the rules.

Introducing the Stake Monthly Bonus Calculator

Considering that the Monthly Bonus Stake is interesting, people want to know the amount of money they’ll get. That’s the reason why there’s a calculator that will help clients get an overall idea of the monthly bonus they can obtain.

The idea here is to input the VIP level and your wagering activity for the last month. In other words, people with a higher VIP status and those who use more money will get better monthly bonuses than clients who are new to the loyalty program and do not wager that much.

Factors Affecting Monthly Bonus Calculations

We have already mentioned the things that affect that Monthly Stake bonus – the amount of money you punt with and the VIP level. The bonus is designed to reward those who use more money to play with. Contrary to what might be available on other sites, Stake does not care whether you got more winnings because it only looks at the recent wagers.

In terms of the loyalty club, accessing a higher VIP level is possible only if you place bets and spend more money. This is good because it means you must do the same steps to reach a higher level and get a monthly bonus.


You can see that the Monthly Bonus takes a bit of calculation, especially if you do not want to use the calculator. However, since this tool is available, there is no need to do the math on your own. Simply provide the required data, and you will be able to see the obtainable amount granted by Stake, one of the leading crypto iGaming operators.


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