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There are 14 levels to the Stake VIP Levels and the rewards increase as you climb up the ladder. It is divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, then 6 Platinum levels, followed by Diamond, which has 4 hidden levels. The table below shows the wager requirements and the rewards for these VIP Levels:

Bronze $10.000 Wagered + $15 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Silver $50.000 Wagered + $50 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Gold $100.000 Wagered + $110 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Platinum 1 $250.000 Wagered + $200 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Platinum 2 $500.000 Wagered + $400 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Platinum 3 $1.000.000 Wagered + $800 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Platinum 4 $2.500.000 Wagered + $1.600 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Platinum 5 $5.000.000 Wagered + $3.200 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Platinum 6 $10.000.000 Wagered + $6.400 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Diamond 1 $25.000.000 Wagered + $12.800 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Diamond 2 $50.000.000 Wagered + $25.600 Cash Reward & Recent Play Bonus
Diamond 3 $100.000.000 Wagered
Diamond 4 $250.000.000 Wagered
Diamond 5 $500.000.000 Wagered

With generous rakeback offers and bonuses available, it’s definitely worth joining up. Moreover, once you’re accepted into the club and maintain your membership level (for example as a Gold member), you can rest assured that your status and level will remain unchanged no matter how much money you wage in play.

Stake Casino How to Play

How Stake VIP Bonus Work

Once you have been accepted into the Stake VIP Club, you will be able to see your progress towards becoming a more privileged member by logging in and viewing a table detailing the requirements for each level of membership. The Bronze level is required to bet $10,000; however, once you reach this point it’s possible to move up through the levels as long as your funds remain intact.

The amounts listed in the table are denominated in US dollars, and it doesn’t really matter which currency you choose to use since all calculations will be performed using US dollar values.

As a Silver VIP member, you don’t need to wager another $50,000 in order to reach the Silver level. This is because the $10,000 from your Bronze membership counts as well. In other words, it will only take you another $40,000 to reach Silver status (assuming you haven’t already wagered that amount). Naturally this makes it more difficult for new members to gain VIP status quickly but given enough time and betting activity they can eventually achieve this level.

Stake is a no-limit casino, meaning players are free to deposit as much money as they desire and there are no artificial maximum bet limits. This makes it easier for high rollers to climb the VIP ranks here more quickly than at other casinos.

Wagering Requirements and Rewards

Stake VIPs receive bonus funds that are free of wagering requirements. This means that any winnings resulting from the bonuses can be withdrawn immediately as cash. In addition, Stake VIP membership does not come with any strings attached; it’s one of the many reasons why becoming a member is advantageous.

Benefits of VIP Levels

The main reason why people join the VIP program at Stake Casino is because they receive regular bonuses and benefits. These incentives are awarded on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for players at different levels of membership. At the highest level of membership you will even receive bonus rewards more frequently than those who are not as high ranking within the casino. To learn all about these special privileges we have put together a list for you below.

Daily Reload Bonus

Starting from the first level of the program, weekly and monthly bonuses are available. However, at the Platinum levels, you can expect daily reload bonuses without any wagering requirements. This is definitely a ‘hell yeah!’ The bonus amount is based on your turnover in the past 7 days. You have an option to receive your bonus either as a single payment or in smaller amounts over time.


As a Bronze level member of Stake, you are entitled to receive Rakeback. This is a term that originated in poker and sportsbetting where punters get something back from the total bet placed as well as their fees. At Stake, this Rakeback is 10% of all stakes at the casino which reduces the house edge on games including slots and live casino games. You can claim Rakeback every 30 minutes from your VIP menu.

Level up Bonus

When you increase your status within the Stake Casino, you’ll be greeted with a message from our support team that includes a bonus. The amount of this bonus will vary based on your level of membership, but for those in the Bronze through to Platinum levels it will be fixed at $25000. However, for members who have achieved Diamond status your account manager will offer an additional personalized bonus beyond $250000. You’ll receive all the details when that time comes near.

Weekly Bonus

As an bonus for returning to Stake on Saturdays, you will be awarded. The amount of this bonus is determined by the Telegram group each time, and it’s available to Bronze level members and above only.

Monthly Bonus

The bonus you’ll receive for depositing money into your casino account will depend on your VIP level and the amount of wager activity that took place in the past thirty days. The bonus can be paid out at any time during the month, although most players usually receive it around mid-month. You will be notified beforehand by email so you don’t miss your monthly bonus.

VIP Challenges

Stake Casino runs various challenges that offer great prizes for the winners. The VIP exclusive challenges are especially exciting, as they feature different games with high prize pools. For example, there is a Dice challenge with an $8,500 pool, and a Blast Challenge for Mines game where players can win up to $10,000. Each challenge has specific rules you should be aware of before participating so you don’t miss out on any opportunities!

The Return of the King VIP Slots Challenge

This is a weekly challenge in which players are tasked with winning the highest multiplier possible, while betting at least $0.25. In order to qualify for this event, Bronze VIP status is required. There’s also a prize pool of $7,500 available to the top performers – this money is distributed based on rank by those who participate in the challenge.

Weekly $50,000 Giveaway

Every week, Stake Casino awards 10 VIP players with a $50,000 prize. This amount is distributed evenly among these individuals, meaning each player pockets $5,000. Considering the large sum of money being given away every week and the ease of accessing this information through one’s VIP menu, we would say that this offer is quite lucrative. A ticket to the giveaway can be earned for every 1k dollars wagered within your VIP status; simply look in your account summary for more information on how to participate.

The Level Up

This weekly promotion is designed to award participants who hit specific multipliers in specific slots. Occasionally, you’ll see the name Eddie appear on challenges; this is actually Eddie Miroslav, the founder of Stake. Fans and viewers of PrimeEdd’s Twitch stream likely recognize him by his other alias, “Eddie.”

Bonuses and Promotions for Everyone at Stake

While VIP status at Stake can ultimately take some time to achieve, there are other perks that regular fans of the organization may be eligible for. Some examples include:

Daily Drops for playing featured new games
Drops & Wins from Pragmatic Play
Stake vs. Eddie
Slot Challenges
Stake Daily Races
Telegram Bonus Drop Codes

It is clear that players at Stake can access various promotions and adjustments at any time. However, it should be noted that only one campaign may be actively participated in at a time.

The Best Way to Stay on Top of Offers

For those seeking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, the Stake Forum offers a special section specifically devoted to threads. This includes topics such as:

Casino Promotions
Sportsbook Promotions
VIP Promotions
Other Promotions

The forum is a popular area of the site where users can collaborate and share information. Additionally, it’s also where players should post their results for game challenges in order to compete against others. Each promotion gets its own separate thread, with important rules clearly displayed at the top.

How do I become a Stake VIP Player?

To Join the Stake VIP benefits you need to wager at least $10,000 US to reach bronze Status.

Where can I see my status progress?

From the moment you create an account at Stake Casino, you’ll find a progress bar on your account towards the top right of the page.

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10% Rakeback

Code: MTG

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